NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain conducts Handwashing Workshop

Clean hands can save lives! Yes, something as simple as washing your hands can and does save lives. This is especially important for little children. When they’re away at school; petting a cat, playing in the sand and eating candy are only some of the things they love doing. While they might leave back the sand castle and the cat, they do bring home the germs.

Once they come into contact with germs, they can become infected simply by touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. And once infected, they can pass on the same infection to other family members. Being diligent about washing their hands is the simplest thing they can do to prevent several illnesses ranging from common cold to more serious ones such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, influenza, hepatitis A, and most types of infectious diarrhea.

In an attempt to spread awareness and educate school kids, NMC Specialty Hospital, Al aj1Ain conducted a workshop on hand washing to the little students of Al Ain Juniors Nursery on 8th October, 2013. Over 90 children along with their parents attended the programme which taught the kids and their parents the importance of handwashing and the right times and ways to do it in a fun and interactive session.

aj6However, this is something that needs to be practiced by children consistently enough for it to become a habit. The best way to do so is to lead by example. If your kids are fussy about visiting the washroom to wash their hands, always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in their bags.

Make sure your kids practice the habit of handwashing for a healthier future. After all, the more frequently they wash their hands, the lesser the visits to the doctor!


About NMC Healthcare

NMC Healthcare is a fully integrated leading healthcare provider and the first UAE Company to be listed on London Stock Exchange. NMC Healthcare is the largest private healthcare provider in the UAE, both in terms of its nationwide network of facilities and services as well as in terms of patients treated. Established in 1976, NMC Healthcare operates three JCI accredited specialty hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and AlAin, one general hospital in Dubai, one medical centre in Sharjah, one day care surgery center in DHCC and eight pharmacies across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, treating approximately 1.8 million patients a year – that’s over 5000 patients a day, across all the facilities. In addition, NMC Healthcare is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical products, FMCG, educational supplies, cosmetic products, medical and scientific equipment and veterinary products, distributing over 50,000 products from leading brands through six distribution facilities across the UAE.
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