NMC Healthcare organized ‘Your Heart Health’ event for Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, targeting employees and customers.

NMC Healthcare organized a three day health awareness event titled “‘Your Heart Health’ for the employees of Abu Dhabi Municipality offering a wide array of free medical tests. The event was held for one day at the Head Office of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, and two other days in each of Al Wathba Municipal Center and Al Shahama Municipal Center.

NMC Healthcare’s participation included tests for random Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, BMI & BP, in addition to highlighting the importance of undertaking regular checkups and tips on how to maintain healthy lifestyle, free from cardiovascular diseases.

NMC Healthcare’s contribution to raise awareness on the importance of prevention of cardiovascular diseases was very well appreciated and recognized by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi. Mr. Ahmed M Hassan, representing NMC Specialty Hospital Abu Dhabi received a letter of appreciation and memento from Engineer Abdul Aziz Zurub, Director of Health, Safety & Environment, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City.

Globally, cardiovascular diseases are emerging as the leading cause of mortality and disability. These initiatives, and many others, emphasize NMC Healthcare’s commitment towards promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst the UAE society and its ceaseless efforts to educate public on health and well-being issues.


About NMC Healthcare

NMC Healthcare is a fully integrated leading healthcare provider and the first UAE Company to be listed on London Stock Exchange. NMC Healthcare is the largest private healthcare provider in the UAE, both in terms of its nationwide network of facilities and services as well as in terms of patients treated. Established in 1976, NMC Healthcare operates three JCI accredited specialty hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and AlAin, one general hospital in Dubai, one medical centre in Sharjah, one day care surgery center in DHCC and eight pharmacies across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, treating approximately 1.8 million patients a year – that’s over 5000 patients a day, across all the facilities. In addition, NMC Healthcare is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical products, FMCG, educational supplies, cosmetic products, medical and scientific equipment and veterinary products, distributing over 50,000 products from leading brands through six distribution facilities across the UAE.
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